The Netz is a band consisting of friends. The guys have been playing together for almost 3 decades. Influenced by artists like The Beatles, The Stones, Queen, Johnny Cash & Bruce Springsteen the band created their own unique yet recognisable style. Playing and recording their own songs and covers of songs that inspired them.

It all started in the early 90’s of the previous century. Brothers Marco and Jan, who already played together, decided they wanted to be in a band. Rob at that time was Jan’s bass teacher. Rob, being a multi-instrumentalist even then, was asked by Jan and Marco to team up with them and Jan’s long time friend and drummer Hans as guitarist. He agreed, a band was born. This formation lasted quite a few years resulting in their first album in 1996. Lots of rehearsal sessions, gigs and studio sessions followed. And above all lots and lots of fun.

Several band members came and went, but two of them came to stay. Peter played with Rob in the local marching band and was involved in the band right from the start. First as roadie, later as percussionist. Joost, Rob’s brother, came several years later as acoustic guitarist and ukelele player. Having played many songs over the years the band decided they needed a complete new setlist. Having focussed on music from the 1960’s for years there was a need for a much broader setlist. All of the members selected songs they liked, but were out of their comfort zone. This resulted in an interesting new album with the suitable title ‘Out of the box’.

Welcome to The Netz website. The place to be if you want to know what the band is up to at the moment. We wish you as much fun listening to, as we have making our music. On this site you will find new music, new covers, video’s and livestreams. Ask us your questions, ask us to come perform at your venue. Join us in our musical journey, our passion. A splendid time is guaranteed for all.